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Brother 1030 Correctable film

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Film lift off ribbon black

SKU: 1030

Manufacturer: Brother

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Price Excl. Vat: €6.89 Price Incl. Vat: €8.47

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Our 1030 typewriter ribbon is highly economical. It’s also easily correctable and prints in black, offering admirable quality prints and a yield of up to 50,000 characters.

The ribbon’s dimensions are 2" x 11.2" x 14.5", and it’s simple to install. The 1030’s combined features make it the ideal ribbon for your home and office needs

Compatible Printers: Privileg Electronic 3500, Brother AX-30, Panasonic KX-R 440 Series, Panasonic KX-P 310, Panasonic KX-R 445, Facit T 90, Brother SX 14, Brother AX-100, Brother WPT 480, Panasonic KX-R 540, Brother WP 90, Brother Compactronic 300 M, Panasonic KX-R 530 Series, Brother WP 6, Brother AX-420 Series, Panasonic KX-R 21, Brother AX-15, Brother WP 2400 Series, Brother AX-245, Canon CW 4262, Canon CW 220, Brother AX-25, Adler-Royal RT 7500, Brother WP 2450 DS, Brother AX-525, Panasonic KX-R 250, Brother Studentwriter, Brother 1030, Brother AX-240, Brother GX 8250, Brother AX-145, Panasonic KX-R 530, Brother GX 7750, Panasonic KX-R 535, Brother AX-10 C, Olympia Carina 2000 WP, Panasonic W 905, Samsung SQ-3000 Series, Brother WP 1600 D, Brother WP 3410, Panasonic KX-W 1500, Brother WP 490, Panasonic KX-W 905, Brother AX-28, Olympia Prestige 378, Panasonic KX-R 335, Panasonic KX-R 191, Brother WP 2400, Panasonic W 1025, Olympia Splendid II MD, Olympia Splendid MD, Brother ZX 30, Panasonic KX-W 1505, Panasonic KX-R 350, Olympia Prestige 370 Series, Panasonic KX-R 355, Panasonic KX-R 320, Brother Compactronic 360, Panasonic KX-R 195, Brother GX 6750, Brother AX-45, Panasonic KX-W 1000 Series, Brother WP 5, Brother Correctronic 145, Panasonic KX-W 1000, Panasonic KX-R 300, Brother WP 3950, Brother GX 8000, Privileg 1500, Brother WP 3900 DS, Panasonic KR-P 335, Samsung SQ-1000 Series, Brother AX-26, Samsung SQ-W 1000, Brother WP 2800 Q, Brother AX-550, Brother WP 95, Canon CW 110, Panasonic KX-R 310, Brother Compactronic 300, Brother LW 35, Brother WP 760, Brother WP 65, Brother AX-625, Panasonic KX-W 955, Panasonic W 1510, Brother AX-600, Panasonic KX-R 310 Series, Brother JP 16 S 10, Panasonic KX-W L 45, Olympia Monica 2 MD, Brother Correctronic 340, Panasonic W 900 Series, Panasonic KX-R 350 Series, Brother SX 4000, Brother ZX 50, Brother WP 720, Brother Compactronic 380, Brother AX-10, Brother AX-35, Panasonic KX-R 430 Series, Panasonic KX-R 340, Olympia Texstar, Brother Compactronic 35, Brother GX 9500, Brother WP 85, Brother WP 3650 D, Olympia Prestige 379, Brother SX 16, Brother Compactronic 340, Brother WP 760 Series, Panasonic KX-R 200, Brother WP 1500 D, Panasonic W 1500 Series, Panasonic KX-R 550, Brother WP 660 E, Brother AX-240 Series, Olympia Carina 2000 MD, Panasonic KX-ED 16, Panasonic KX-W 1510, Panasonic KX-R 190 Series, Panasonic KX-R 193, Panasonic W 1500, Panasonic KX-R 800, Samsung SQ-1020, Adler-Royal RT 7700, Brother AX-22, Panasonic KX-W L 50, Brother GX 6500, Brother AX-250, Brother WP 1450 DS, Olympia Prestige, Panasonic KX-R 440, Brother AX-20, Brother WP 2200, Brother LW 30, Brother AX-24, Brother AX-130, Brother WP 40, Privileg Electronic 1100, Samsung EQ 3000, Panasonic R 250, Brother Compactronic 310, Brother AX-320 Series, Brother AX-310, Brother AX-475, Brother AX-400, Olympia Splendid II, Brother AX-450, Brother AX-370, Brother AX-340, Brother AX-320, Brother AX-420, Brother AX-300, Brother AX-430, Brother AX-440, Brother AX-425, Brother AX-325, Brother AX-410, Brother AX-330, Brother AX-350, Brother LW 400, Brother Correctronic 360, Samsung SQ-3000, Panasonic KX-W 1025, Olympia Texstar MD, Panasonic KX-R 20, Brother WP 660 Series, Brother WP 1600, Brother SX 23, Panasonic KX-P 300, Panasonic KX-W 1550, Brother GX 8500, Brother LW 10, Brother Compactronic 350, Brother Studentwriter II, Panasonic W 900, Brother WP 1400 Series, Brother WP 46, Samsung SQ-1000, Olympia Texstar WP, Panasonic KX-R 430, Panasonic KX-W 1555, Panasonic KX-W 900 Series, Brother AX-12, Brother AX-140 Series, Canon CW 150, Brother WP 1400 D, Brother Correctronic 380, Brother CE 360, Panasonic KX-R 560, Brother AX-120, Brother AX-10 Oeko, Adler-Royal RT 7300, Panasonic KX-R 196, Brother GX 7000, Brother ZX 3000, Brother ZX 1700, Panasonic Electronic R 190 Series, Brother WPT 470, Olympia Prestige MD, Brother CE 340, Brother AX-40, Olympia Carina 2000, Brother LW 450, Brother WP 3550, Brother WP 1250, Olympia Carina 2000 Series, Brother WP 1150, Brother WP 1350 DS, Panasonic KX-R 192, Brother WP 2600 Q, Olympia Splendid 66, Panasonic KX-R 30, Brother WP 3400, Brother EM 31, Panasonic KX-R 520, Brother AX-18, Samsung EQ 1000, Brother GP 6 S 10, Brother WP 3500, Brother 3010, Brother WP 3900, Panasonic KX-W 900, Brother EM 30 II, Panasonic KX-R 190, Brother LW 100, Panasonic W 1550, Olympia Monica 2, Brother WP 60, Brother GX 9000, Brother AX-220, Panasonic KX-R 435, Brother WP 1800, Brother AX-210, Brother LW 20, Brother AX-500, Brother AX-12 M, Brother CE 380, Panasonic KX-R 375, Panasonic KX-R 315, Panasonic KX-R 194, Brother Compactronic 320, Samsung EQ 1000 W, Panasonic W 1000 Series, Brother AX-140, Panasonic KX-W D 55, Brother WP 1400, Panasonic KX-R 210, Brother Word Shot, Brother WP 75, Brother EM 30, Brother AX-110, Panasonic R 193, Panasonic W 1000, Olympia Splendid 33, Panasonic Electronic R 196, Brother GX 7500, Panasonic KX-R 330 Series, Olympia Splendid, Brother AX-33, Panasonic KX-R 330, Brother WP 80, Panasonic KX-W 1500 Series, Samsung SQ-3020, Brother WP 660, Brother GX 6000, Brother Compactronic 300 Series, Brother GX 9750, Panasonic KX-W 1525, Brother EM 350 E, Panasonic Electronic R 191, Brother ZX 1900, Brother WP 3900 Series, Panasonic KX-W L 55, Brother GP 16 S 10, Panasonic KX-W 1030, Panasonic Electronic R 194, Brother LW 200, Panasonic R 200, Panasonic W 1030, Brother LW 350, Samsung EQ 1000 Series, Brother AX-230, Brother Correctronic 320, Brother WP 77 S, Brother WP 2500 Q, Olympia Splendid MD 40, Olympia Monica MD, Brother WP 760 D, Brother WP 1600 Series, Brother WP 3500 Series, Brother WP 70

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Short Description Film lift off ribbon black
SKU 1030
URL Key brother-1030-correctable-film
EAN 5014047020018
Print yield50000 characters
Compatible productsBrother LW-450, ML-100/300/500, SX-14/16/23, WPT-470/480, ZX-1700/1900/3000
Colour of productBlack
Technical details
Print yield50000 characters
Package typeBox
Compatible productsBrother LW-450, ML-100/300/500, SX-14/16/23, WPT-470/480, ZX-1700/1900/3000
Colour of productBlack
Packaging data
Package typeBox
Manufacturer Brother
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