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Brother LC-1000Y Ink cartridge yellow, 400 pages @ 5% coverage, 10ml

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  • Brother Inkjet Cartridge
  • Page Life: 400
  • Yellow
  • Brother original supplies maintain top quality results and offer great value for money
  • Brother employ precision engineering in the development of ink
  • These inks

SKU: LC1000Y

Manufacturer: Brother

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Brother LC1000Y Yellow (Yield 400 Pages) Ink Cartridge

Compatible Printers: Brother DCP-350 Series, Brother DCP-540 Series, Brother DCP-520 Series, Brother DCP-530 Series, Brother DCP-330 Series, Brother DCP-353 C, Brother DCP-680 CN, Brother DCP-540 CJ, Brother MFC-680 CN, Brother DCP-530 CJ, Brother DCP-535 C, Brother MFC-465 CN, Brother DCP-525 CJ, Brother MFC-685 CW, Brother DCP-330 C, Brother DCP-550 CJ, Brother MFC-845 CW, Brother Intellifax 2480 C, Brother MFC-885 CW, Brother MFC-3360 C, Brother MFC-665 CW, Brother DCP-770 CW, Brother DCP-750 CW, Brother DCP-535 CN, Brother MFC-5860 CN, Brother Intellifax 1960 C, Brother DCP-130 C, Brother DCP-350 C, Brother DCP-560 CN, Brother DCP-525 C, Brother Intellifax 2580 C, Brother MFC-440 CN, Brother DCP-540 CN, Brother DCP-357 C, Brother MFC-240 C, Brother MFC-660 CN, Brother Intellifax 1860 C, Brother DCP-350 CJ, Brother DCP-330 CN, Brother DCP-660 CN, Brother MFC-5460 CN

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Short Description
  • Brother Inkjet Cartridge
  • Page Life: 400
  • Yellow
  • Brother original supplies maintain top quality results and offer great value for money
  • Brother employ precision engineering in the development of ink
  • These inks
URL Key brother-lc-1000y-ink-cartridge-yellow-400-pages-at-5-coverage-10ml
EAN 4977766643962
Model NameLC1000Y
Product TypeInk Cartridge
Ink Colour(s)Yellow
Single or Multi Colour CartridgeSingle
Yield400 Pages
Original/CompatibleOriginal Manufacturer
OEM EquivalentLC1000Y
Compatible PrintersFAX 1355/1360/1460/1565/DCP 130C/330C/350C/540CN/560CN/750CW/770CW/MFC 240C/3660C/440CN/465CN/5460CN/5860CN/660N/680CN/845CW/885CW
Compatible BrandBrother
Pack Quantity1
In The BoxBrother LC1000Y Yellow (Yield 400 Pages) Ink Cartridge
Distributor Numbers346726 BA64396
Manufacturer Brother
Sinch Search Cache LC1000Y C1000Y 1000Y 000Y 00Y LC1000 LC100 LC10 LC1 2289 LC1000YA 289 LC1000YA 89 LC1000YA 9 LC1000YA LC1000YA LC1000YA LC1000YA C1000YA 1000YA 000YA 00YA 0YA 2289 LC1000Y 2289 LC1000 2289 LC100 2289 LC10 2289 LC1 2289 LC 2289 L 2289 2289 2289 228 36170 6170 170 3617 361 537692 37692 7692 692 53769 5376 537 BRLC1000Y RLC1000Y LC1000Y C1000Y 1000Y 000Y 00Y BRLC1000 BRLC100 BRLC10 BRLC1 BRLC BRL BRLC1000Y RLC1000Y LC1000Y C1000Y 1000Y 000Y 00Y BRLC1000 BRLC100 BRLC10 BRLC1 BRLC BRL BRLC1000Y RLC1000Y LC1000Y C1000Y 1000Y 000Y 00Y BRLC1000 BRLC100 BRLC10 BRLC1 BRLC BRL TI000190 I000190 000190 00190 0190 190 TI00019 TI0001 TI000 TI00 TI0 122094 22094 2094 094 12209 1220 122 1312863 312863 12863 2863 863 131286 13128 1312 131 31270025 1270025 270025 70025 0025 025 3127002 312700 31270 3127 312 44640 4640 640 4464 446 5770039 770039 70039 0039 039 577003 57700 5770 577 5832034 832034 32034 2034 034 583203 58320 5832 583 191002 91002 1002 002 19100 1910 191 502326 02326 2326 326 50232 5023 502 BR2012 R2012 2012 012 BR201 BR20 BR2 BROLC1000Y ROLC1000Y OLC1000Y LC1000Y C1000Y 1000Y 000Y 00Y BROLC1000 BROLC100 BROLC10 BROLC1 BROLC BROL BRO CS25246 S25246 25246 5246 246 CS2524 CS252 CS25 CS2 346726 46726 6726 726 34672 3467 346 72758 2758 758 7275 727 BR1000Y R1000Y 1000Y 000Y 00Y BR1000 BR100 BR10 BR1 00029703 0029703 029703 29703 9703 703 0002970 000297 00029 0002 000 1272941 272941 72941 2941 941 127294 12729 1272 127 30863 0863 863 3086 308 UKS14730LC1000Y KS14730LC1000Y S14730LC1000Y 14730LC1000Y 4730LC1000Y 730LC1000Y 30LC1000Y 0LC1000Y LC1000Y C1000Y 1000Y 000Y 00Y UKS14730LC1000 UKS14730LC100 UKS14730LC10 UKS14730LC1 UKS14730LC UKS14730L UKS14730 UKS1473 UKS147 UKS14 UKS1 UKS 118223 18223 8223 223 11822 1182 118 29703 9703 703 2970 297 BA64396 A64396 64396 4396 396 BA6439 BA643 BA64 BA6 16714J 6714J 714J 14J 16714 1671 167 4DGZ DGZ 4DG B0137658 0137658 137658 37658 7658 658 B013765 B01376 B0137 B013 B01 6800094 800094 00094 0094 094 680009 68000 6800 680 WTJB50 TJB50 JB50 B50 WTJB5 WTJB WTJ Brother ink cartridges inkjet printer cartidge Ink cartridge yellow 400 pages 5 coverage 10ml artridge rtridge tridge ridge idge dge cartridg cartrid cartri cartr cart car ellow llow low yello yell yel ages ges page pag overage verage erage rage age coverag covera cover cove cov 0ml 10m 4977766643962 Brother DCP-130 C Brother DCP-130C Multifunction InkJet (DCP130CG1) Brother DCP-330 C Brother DCP-330C Multifunction InkJet (DCP330CG1) Brother DCP-330 CN Brother DCP-330CN Multifunction InkJet (DCP330CNG1) Brother DCP-350 C Brother DCP-350C Multifunction InkJet (DCP350CG1) Brother DCP-350 CJ Brother DCP-350CJ Multifunction InkJet (DCP350CJG1) Brother DCP-353 C Brother DCP-353C Multifunction InkJet (DCP353CG1) Brother DCP-357 C Brother DCP-357C Multifunction InkJet (DCP357CG1) Brother DCP-525 C Brother DCP-525C Multifunction InkJet (DCP525CG1) Brother DCP-525 CJ Brother DCP-525CJ Multifunction InkJet (DCP525CJG1) Brother DCP-530 CJ Brother DCP-530CJ Multifunction InkJet (DCP530CJG1) Brother DCP-535 C Brother DCP-535C Multifunction InkJet (DCP535CG1) Brother DCP-535 CN Brother DCP-535CN Multifunction InkJet (DCP535CNG1) Brother DCP-540 CJ Brother DCP-540CJ Multifunction InkJet (DCP540CJG1) Brother DCP-540 CN Brother DCP-540CN Multifunction InkJet (DCP540CNG1) Brother DCP-550 CJ Brother DCP-550CJ Multifunction InkJet (DCP550CJG1) Brother DCP-560 CN Brother DCP-560CN Multifunction InkJet (DCP560CNG1) Brother DCP-660 CN Brother DCP-660CN Multifunction InkJet (DCP660CNG1) Brother DCP-680 CN Brother DCP-680CN Multifunction InkJet (DCP680CNG1) Brother DCP-750 CW Brother DCP-750CW Multifunction InkJet (DCP750CWG1) Brother DCP-770 CW Brother DCP-770CW Multifunction InkJet (DCP770CWG1) Brother Intellifax 1860 C Brother Intellifax 1860C InkJet-Fax Brother Intellifax 1960 C Brother Intellifax 1960C InkJet-Fax Brother Intellifax 2480 C Brother Intellifax 2480C InkJet-Fax Brother Intellifax 2580 C Brother Intellifax 2580C InkJet-Fax Brother MFC-240 C Brother MFC-240C Multifunction InkJet (MFC240CG1) Brother MFC-3360 C Brother MFC-3360C Multifunction InkJet (MFC3360CG1) Brother MFC-440 CN Brother MFC-440CN Multifunction InkJet (MFC440CNG1) Brother MFC-465 CN Brother MFC-465CN Multifunction InkJet (MFC465CNG1) Brother MFC-5460 CN Brother MFC-5460CN Multifunction InkJet (MFC5460CNG1) Brother MFC-5860 CN Brother MFC-5860CN Multifunction InkJet (MFC5860CNG1) Brother MFC-660 CN Brother MFC-660CN Multifunction InkJet (MFC660CNG1) Brother MFC-665 CW Brother MFC-665CW Multifunction InkJet (MFC665CWG1) Brother MFC-680 CN Brother MFC-680CN Multifunction InkJet (MFC680CNG1) Brother MFC-685 CW Brother MFC-685CW Multifunction InkJet (MFC685CWG1) Brother MFC-845 CW Brother MFC-845CW Multifunction InkJet (MFC845CWG1) Brother MFC-885 CW Brother MFC-885CW Multifunction InkJet (MFC885CWG1) Brother DCP-540 Series Brother DCP-540 Series Multifunction InkJet Brother DCP-530 Series Brother DCP-530 Series Multifunction InkJet Brother DCP-330 Series Brother DCP-330 Series Multifunction InkJet Brother DCP-350 Series Brother DCP-350 Series Multifunction InkJet Brother DCP-520 Series Brother DCP-520 Series Multifunction InkJet
Feature N/A
Price €10.53


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