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Christie Lamp module for CHRISTIE DHD600-G/DWU600-G/DWX600-G projectors. Type = NSH. Power = 465 watts. Lamp

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Lamp module for CHRISTIE DHD600-G/DWU600-G/DWX600-G projectors. Type = NSH. Power = 465 watts. Lamp life (Hours) = 2000 STD/2500 ECO. Now with 2 years FOC warranty

SKU: 003-004808-01

Manufacturer: Christie

Stock Status; 14 Available

Order today, will ship: Friday, January 20

Price Excl. Vat: €778.71 Price Incl. Vat: €957.81

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Short Description Lamp module for CHRISTIE DHD600-G/DWU600-G/DWX600-G projectors. Type = NSH. Power = 465 watts. Lamp life (Hours) = 2000 STD/2500 ECO. Now with 2 years FOC warranty
SKU 003-004808-01
URL Key christie-lamp-module-for-christie-dhd600-g-dwu600-g-dwx600-g-projectors-type-nsh-power-465-watts-lamp
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Manufacturer Christie
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