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Crucial 8GB DDR3-1600 8GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC memory module

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8GB, DDR3, 1600MHz, 240-pin DIMM, ECC, Unbuffered, CL11

SKU: CT102472BD160B

Manufacturer: Crucial

Stock Status; 31 Available

Order today, will ship: Friday, January 20

Price Excl. Vat: €64.11 Price Incl. Vat: €78.86

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Short Description 8GB, DDR3, 1600MHz, 240-pin DIMM, ECC, Unbuffered, CL11
SKU CT102472BD160B
URL Key crucial-8gb-ddr3-1600-8gb-ddr3-1600mhz-ecc-memory-module
EAN 0649528759238
Specification No
Manufacturer Crucial
Sinch Search Cache CT102472BD160B CT102472BD160 CT102472BD16 CT102472BD1 CT102472BD CT102472B CT102472 CT10247 CT1024 CT102 CT10 CT1 T102472BD160B T102472BD160 T102472BD16 T102472BD1 T102472BD T102472B T102472 T10247 T1024 T102 T10 102472BD160B 102472BD160 102472BD16 102472BD1 102472BD 102472B 102472 10247 1024 102 02472BD160B 02472BD160 02472BD16 02472BD1 02472BD 02472B 02472 0247 024 2472BD160B 2472BD160 2472BD16 2472BD1 2472BD 2472B 2472 247 472BD160B 472BD160 472BD16 472BD1 472BD 472B 472 72BD160B 72BD160 72BD16 72BD1 72BD 72B 2BD160B 2BD160 2BD16 2BD1 2BD BD160B BD160 BD16 BD1 D160B D160 D16 160B 160 60B 2634103 263410 26341 2634 263 634103 63410 6341 634 34103 3410 341 4103 410 103 IDHFC7J2 IDHFC7J IDHFC7 IDHFC IDHF IDH DHFC7J2 DHFC7J DHFC7 DHFC DHF HFC7J2 HFC7J HFC7 HFC FC7J2 FC7J FC7 C7J2 C7J 7J2 0D40567 0D4056 0D405 0D40 0D4 D40567 D4056 D405 D40 40567 4056 405 0567 056 567 CTME336LV4 CTME336LV CTME336L CTME336 CTME33 CTME3 CTME CTM TME336LV4 TME336LV TME336L TME336 TME33 TME3 TME ME336LV4 ME336LV ME336L ME336 ME33 ME3 E336LV4 E336LV E336L E336 E33 336LV4 336LV 336L 336 36LV4 36LV 36L 6LV4 6LV LV4 709121 70912 7091 709 09121 0912 091 9121 912 121 79119 7911 791 9119 911 119 8J6C 8J6 J6C SERECCDDR38GB1600LVCT SERECCDDR38GB1600LVC SERECCDDR38GB1600LV SERECCDDR38GB1600L SERECCDDR38GB1600 SERECCDDR38GB160 SERECCDDR38GB16 SERECCDDR38GB1 SERECCDDR38GB SERECCDDR38G SERECCDDR38 SERECCDDR3 SERECCDDR SERECCDD SERECCD SERECC SEREC SERE SER ERECCDDR38GB1600LVCT ERECCDDR38GB1600LVC ERECCDDR38GB1600LV ERECCDDR38GB1600L ERECCDDR38GB1600 ERECCDDR38GB160 ERECCDDR38GB16 ERECCDDR38GB1 ERECCDDR38GB ERECCDDR38G ERECCDDR38 ERECCDDR3 ERECCDDR ERECCDD ERECCD ERECC EREC ERE RECCDDR38GB1600LVCT RECCDDR38GB1600LVC RECCDDR38GB1600LV RECCDDR38GB1600L RECCDDR38GB1600 RECCDDR38GB160 RECCDDR38GB16 RECCDDR38GB1 RECCDDR38GB RECCDDR38G RECCDDR38 RECCDDR3 RECCDDR RECCDD RECCD RECC REC ECCDDR38GB1600LVCT ECCDDR38GB1600LVC ECCDDR38GB1600LV ECCDDR38GB1600L ECCDDR38GB1600 ECCDDR38GB160 ECCDDR38GB16 ECCDDR38GB1 ECCDDR38GB ECCDDR38G ECCDDR38 ECCDDR3 ECCDDR ECCDD ECCD ECC CCDDR38GB1600LVCT CCDDR38GB1600LVC CCDDR38GB1600LV CCDDR38GB1600L CCDDR38GB1600 CCDDR38GB160 CCDDR38GB16 CCDDR38GB1 CCDDR38GB CCDDR38G CCDDR38 CCDDR3 CCDDR CCDD CCD CDDR38GB1600LVCT CDDR38GB1600LVC CDDR38GB1600LV CDDR38GB1600L CDDR38GB1600 CDDR38GB160 CDDR38GB16 CDDR38GB1 CDDR38GB CDDR38G CDDR38 CDDR3 CDDR CDD DDR38GB1600LVCT DDR38GB1600LVC DDR38GB1600LV DDR38GB1600L DDR38GB1600 DDR38GB160 DDR38GB16 DDR38GB1 DDR38GB DDR38G DDR38 DDR3 DDR DR38GB1600LVCT DR38GB1600LVC DR38GB1600LV DR38GB1600L DR38GB1600 DR38GB160 DR38GB16 DR38GB1 DR38GB DR38G DR38 DR3 R38GB1600LVCT R38GB1600LVC R38GB1600LV R38GB1600L R38GB1600 R38GB160 R38GB16 R38GB1 R38GB R38G R38 38GB1600LVCT 38GB1600LVC 38GB1600LV 38GB1600L 38GB1600 38GB160 38GB16 38GB1 38GB 38G 8GB1600LVCT 8GB1600LVC 8GB1600LV 8GB1600L 8GB1600 8GB160 8GB16 8GB1 8GB GB1600LVCT GB1600LVC GB1600LV GB1600L GB1600 GB160 GB16 GB1 B1600LVCT B1600LVC B1600LV B1600L B1600 B160 B16 1600LVCT 1600LVC 1600LV 1600L 1600 160 600LVCT 600LVC 600LV 600L 600 00LVCT 00LVC 00LV 00L 0LVCT 0LVC 0LV LVCT LVC VCT MC3802 MC380 MC38 MC3 C3802 C380 C38 3802 380 802 Crucial memory modules RAM Random Access Memory ROM DRAM SDRAM RDRAM DDR DDR2 EDO DDR2-SDRAM DDR-SDRAM FPM FBDIMM Boot Rom ValueRAM SODIMM JetRAM kit 8GB 31600 3160 316 1600 160 600 8GB 1600MHz 1600MH 1600M 1600 160 600MHz 600MH 600M 600 00MHz 00MH 00M 0MHz 0MH MHz ECC module modul modu mod odule odul odu dule dul ule 0649528759238
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