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HP 3y NextBusDayOnsite Notebook Only SVC,Commercial value NB/TAB PC w/1/1/0 Wty,3 year of hardware supp

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3 year Next business day onsite Notebook Only Service


Manufacturer: HP

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Price Excl. Vat: €73.75 Price Incl. Vat: €90.71

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HP 3y NextBusDayOnsite Notebook Only SVC - Commercial Mobile TC PCs with 1/1/0 Wty - 3 year of hardware support - CPU Only - Next business day onsite response. 8am-5pm - Std bus days excluding HP holidays.

HP Hardware Support Onsite Service provides high-quality remote assistance and onsite support for your covered hardware, helping you to improve product uptime. You have the flexibility to choose between different service-level options featuring different response times and coverage windows, as well as between several coverage periods to address your specific service needs.

- Remote problem diagnosis and support.
- Onsite hardware support.
- Materials included.
- Service-level options with different coverage windows and response times.

- Help improve system uptime. Convenient onsite support. Reliable response times.
- Reduction of incidents by anticipating issues through real-time monitoring of the environment and case history trend reporting Through the availability to purchase options, Proactive Care helps you by providing:.
- Increased accountability and personalization through the assignment of an account support team that will provide support planning and reviews • Maximize return on IT assets through performance and availability analysis.
- Simplified operations from fully utilizing management software • Flexible resourcing through access to skills on demand that can help with peak workload and project requirements.
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Short Description 3 year Next business day onsite Notebook Only Service
URL Key hp-3y-nextbusdayonsite-notebook-only-svc-commercial-value-nb-tab-pc-w-1-1-0-wty-3-year-of-hardware-supp
EAN 8711777421630
Number of years3 year(s)
Next Business Day (NBD)Yes
On-site supportYes
Technical details
Number of years3 year(s)
Next Business Day (NBD)Yes
On-site supportYes
Manufacturer HP
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