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HP 4GB DDR4-2133 4GB DDR4 2133MHz memory module

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Manufacturer: HP

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Price Excl. Vat: €39.66 Price Incl. Vat: €48.78

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Upgrading your memory is a cost-effective way to boost your system performance without having to upgrade your processor.

- Faster start-up times with fewer delays during routine operations.
- More programs running simultaneously.
- Easy toggling between several open applications.
- Rigorous supplier qualification processes for ensured quality PLUS thoroughly tested by HP for high reliability.
- Competitively priced.
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Short Description 4GB DDR4-2133 DIMM SDRAM
URL Key hp-4gb-ddr4-2133-4gb-ddr4-2133mhz-memory-module
EAN 0889894660152
Memory layout (modules x size)1 x 4 GB
Internal memory4 GB
Component forPC/server
Memory form factor288-pin DIMM
Memory clock speed2133 MHz
Internal memory typeDDR4
Manufacturer HP
Sinch Search Cache P1N51AT P1N51A P1N51 P1N5 P1N 1N51AT 1N51A 1N51 1N5 N51AT N51A N51 51AT 51A 1AT 206569 20656 2065 206 06569 0656 065 6569 656 569 14EDP1N51AT 14EDP1N51A 14EDP1N51 14EDP1N5 14EDP1N 14EDP1 14EDP 14ED 14E 4EDP1N51AT 4EDP1N51A 4EDP1N51 4EDP1N5 4EDP1N 4EDP1 4EDP 4ED EDP1N51AT EDP1N51A EDP1N51 EDP1N5 EDP1N EDP1 EDP DP1N51AT DP1N51A DP1N51 DP1N5 DP1N DP1 P1N51AT P1N51A P1N51 P1N5 P1N 1N51AT 1N51A 1N51 1N5 N51AT N51A N51 51AT 51A 1AT CKK1 CKK KK1 2589179 258917 25891 2589 258 589179 58917 5891 589 89179 8917 891 9179 917 179 93975 9397 939 3975 397 975 HPMEMBS047 HPMEMBS04 HPMEMBS0 HPMEMBS HPMEMB HPMEM HPME HPM PMEMBS047 PMEMBS04 PMEMBS0 PMEMBS PMEMB PMEM PME MEMBS047 MEMBS04 MEMBS0 MEMBS MEMB MEM EMBS047 EMBS04 EMBS0 EMBS EMB MBS047 MBS04 MBS0 MBS BS047 BS04 BS0 S047 S04 047 2212501N1P1N51AT 2212501N1P1N51A 2212501N1P1N51 2212501N1P1N5 2212501N1P1N 2212501N1P1 2212501N1P 2212501N1 2212501N 2212501 221250 22125 2212 221 212501N1P1N51AT 212501N1P1N51A 212501N1P1N51 212501N1P1N5 212501N1P1N 212501N1P1 212501N1P 212501N1 212501N 212501 21250 2125 212 12501N1P1N51AT 12501N1P1N51A 12501N1P1N51 12501N1P1N5 12501N1P1N 12501N1P1 12501N1P 12501N1 12501N 12501 1250 125 2501N1P1N51AT 2501N1P1N51A 2501N1P1N51 2501N1P1N5 2501N1P1N 2501N1P1 2501N1P 2501N1 2501N 2501 250 501N1P1N51AT 501N1P1N51A 501N1P1N51 501N1P1N5 501N1P1N 501N1P1 501N1P 501N1 501N 501 01N1P1N51AT 01N1P1N51A 01N1P1N51 01N1P1N5 01N1P1N 01N1P1 01N1P 01N1 01N 1N1P1N51AT 1N1P1N51A 1N1P1N51 1N1P1N5 1N1P1N 1N1P1 1N1P 1N1 N1P1N51AT N1P1N51A N1P1N51 N1P1N5 N1P1N N1P1 N1P 1P1N51AT 1P1N51A 1P1N51 1P1N5 1P1N 1P1 P1N51AT P1N51A P1N51 P1N5 P1N 1N51AT 1N51A 1N51 1N5 N51AT N51A N51 51AT 51A 1AT 2M31B75 2M31B7 2M31B 2M31 2M3 M31B75 M31B7 M31B M31 31B75 31B7 31B 1B75 1B7 B75 HP memory modules RAM Random Access Memory ROM DRAM SDRAM RDRAM DDR DDR2 EDO DDR2-SDRAM DDR-SDRAM FPM FBDIMM Boot Rom ValueRAM SODIMM JetRAM kit 4GB 42133 4213 421 2133 213 133 4GB 2133MHz 2133MH 2133M 2133 213 133MHz 133MH 133M 133 33MHz 33MH 33M 3MHz 3MH MHz module modul modu mod odule odul odu dule dul ule 0889894660152
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