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Kingston Technology System Specific Memory 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Module 8GB DDR3 1333MHz memory module

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System Specific Memory, 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Module

SKU: KCP313ND8/8

Manufacturer: Kingston Technology

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Kingston Technology offers extremely reliable, high-performance desktop memory. Every module is customised and tested to meet the exact specification requirements of each system. Kingston memory can increase the processing power of your desktop. It’s guaranteed to be compatible and offers a great cost-performance benefit plus better multitasking, faster processing of multimedia files and smoother video streaming. For added peace of mind, Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

- Expertise - From the industry leader in PC memory
- Superior quality and testing - All components are qualified and all modules are tested at all stages of production.
- Guaranteed compatibility - Kingston memory is guaranteed to be compatible with the system for which it’s designed.
- Lifetime warranty and free technical support
- Kingston system-specific memory for Acer, Dell and HP desktop computers (please make sure to always check the system and memory compatibility).
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Short Description System Specific Memory, 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Module
URL Key kingston-technology-system-specific-memory-8gb-ddr3-1333mhz-module-8gb-ddr3-1333mhz-memory-module
EAN 0740617253658
Replacement for370-22585 (Dell); A5039667 (Dell); A5558827 (Dell); A6991409 (Dell)
Memory layout (modules x size)1 x 8 GB
Internal memory8 GB
Component forPC/server
Memory form factor240-pin DIMM
CAS latency9
Memory voltage1.5 V
Lead platingGold
Module configuration512M x 64
Unbuffered memoryYes
Package typeDIMM
Memory typePC-10600
Memory ranking1
Memory clock speed1333 MHz
Internal memory typeDDR3
Memory voltage1.5 V
Compatible productsAcer: Aspire AT7 Series AT7-xxx, Veriton E430G; Dell: Optiplex 790 MT/DT/SFF, Optiplex 790 USFF, Precision Workstation T1650, Precision Workstation T3600; HP/Compaq: 100 Desktop 100-002LA, 100 Desktop 100-005EA, 100 Desktop 100-010EA, 100 Desktop 100-015EA, 100 Desktop 100-410nl, 100 Desktop 100-503d, 110 Desktop 110-000a, 110 Desktop 110-014, Business Desktop 6200 Pro (SFF/MT), Compaq Pro 4300 SFF, Compaq Pro 6300 MT/SFF, CQ Desktop CQ1000CS, CQ Desktop CQ1020FR, CQ Desktop CQ1050DE, CQ Desktop CQ1050FR, CQ Desktop CQ1050SC, CQ Desktop CQ1058HK, CQ Desktop CQ1070L, CQ Desktop CQ1080D, CQ Desktop CQ1090L, CQ Desktop CQ1110LA, CQ Desktop CQ1130L, CQ Desktop CQ1150AN, CQ Desktop CQ1151AN, CQ Desktop CQ2010, CQ Desktop CQ2013, CQ Desktop CQ2014, CQ Desktop CQ2024, CQ Desktop CQ2025, CQ Desktop CQ2701, CQ Desktop CQ2713W, CQ Desktop CQ2722LA, CQ Desktop CQ2723W, CQ Desktop CQ2730LA, CQ Desktop CQ2732LA, CQ Desktop CQ2900EC, CQ Desktop CQ2900EF, CQ Desktop CQ2900EG, CQ Desktop CQ2900EL, CQ Desktop CQ2900EP, CQ Desktop CQ2900EQ, CQ Desktop CQ2900ES, CQ Desktop CQ2900EU, CQ Desktop CQ2900EV, CQ Desktop CQ2902LA, CQ Desktop CQ2906ES, CQ Desktop CQ2951LA, CQ Desktop CQ2953LA, CQ Desktop CQ2954LA, Elite 8200 SFF/MT/CMT Desktop, Elite Desktop 8300 SFF/CM, Elite Desktop 8300e SFF, ENVY Desktop h8-1400z (CTO), ENVY Desktop h8-1401es, ENVY Desktop h8-1414, ENVY Desktop h8-1420z (CTO), ENVY Desktop h8-1423, ENVY Desktop h8-1425a, ENVY Desktop h8-1438l, ENVY Desktop h8-1445, ENVY Desktop h8-1450, Pavilion HPE h8-1230, Pavilion HPE h8-1234, Pavilion HPE h8-1239, Pavilion HPE h8-1240, Pavilion HPE h8-1300z, Pavilion p2-1013w, Pavilion p2-1033w, Pavilion p2-1049, Pavilion p2-1102, Pavilion p2-1105, Pavilion p2-1106, Pavilion p2-1107, Pavilion p2-1113w, Pavilion p2-1117c, Pavilion p2-1119, Pavilion p2-1120, Pavilion p2-1122, Pavilion p2-1123c, Pavilion p2-1123w, Pavilion p2-1124, Pavilion p2-1127c, Pavilion p2-1134, Pavilion p2-1140, Pavilion p2-1145, Pavilion p2-1146, Pavilion p2-1150l, Pavilion p2-12xxx, Pavilion p2-1300l, Pavilion p2-1308hk, Pavilion p2-1310l, Pavilion p2-1311, Pavilion p2-1312l, Pavilion p2-1313l, Pavilion p2-1314l, Pavilion p2-1320a, Pavilion p2-1320jp, Pavilion p2-1321, Pavilion p2-1321a, Pavilion p2-1321l, Pavilion p2-1322, Pavilion p2-1322a, Pavilion p2-1323a, Pavilion p2-1331il, Pavilion p2-1332ix, Pavilion p2-1333in, Pavilion p2-1334, Pavilion p2-1334in, Pavilion p2-1336il, Pavilion p2-1340jp, Pavilion p2-1350d, Pavilion p2-1350l, Pavilion p2-1374, Pavilion p2-1394, Pavilion p2-1411, Pavilion p2-1421l, Pavilion p6-2105la, Pavilion p6-2109la, Pavilion p6-2160la, Pavilion p6-2300ec, Pavilion p6-2300el, Pavilion p6-2300se, Pavilion p6-2300sj, Pavilion p6-2301ec, Pavilion p6-2301es, Pavilion p6-2301se, Pavilion p6-2301sh, Pavilion p6-2301sx, Pavilion p6-2302ea, Pavilion p6-2302el, Pavilion p6-2302ep, Pavilion p6-2302es, Pavilion p6-2302et, Pavilion p6-2302la, Pavilion p6-2302se, Pavilion p6-2302sh, Pavilion p6-2303ec, Pavilion p6-2303ep, Pavilion p6-2303es, Pavilion p6-2303et, Pavilion p6-2304el, Pavilion p6-2304es, Pavilion p6-2304et, Pavilion p6-2304sh, Pavilion p6-2305eb, Pavilion p6-2305el, Pavilion p6-2305es, Pavilion p6-2305et, Pavilion p6-2306ep, Pavilion p6-2306es, Pavilion p6-2307a, Pavilion p6-2307eb, Pavilion p6-2307es, Pavilion p6-2308eb, Pavilion p6-2308es, Pavilion p6-2310ek, Pavilion p6-2310er, Pavilion p6-2310ew, Pavilion p6-2310ez, Pavilion p6-2310jp, Pavilion p6-2312el, Pavilion p6-2312en, Pavilion p6-2312er, Pavilion p6-2313en, Pavilion p6-2314d, Pavilion p6-2314er, Pavilion p6-2314l, Pavilion p6-2315eb, Pavilion p6-2315ef, Pavilion p6-2315el, Pavilion p6-2315l, Pavilion p6-2316en, Pavilion p6-2316l, Pavilion p6-2318eb, Pavilion p6-2318el, Pavilion p6-2320ed, Pavilion p6-2320ef, Pavilion p6-2320eg, Pavilion p6-2320ez, Pavilion p6-2321eg, Pavilion p6-2322ef, Pavilion p6-2322eg, Pavilion p6-2322es, Pavilion p6-2323ef, Pavilion p6-2324el, Pavilion p6-2325ef, Pavilion p6-2325el, Pavilion p6-2326el, Pavilion p6-2326s, Pavilion p6-2330ed, Pavilion p6-2330ef, Pavilion p6-2330eg, Pavilion p6-2330jp, Pavilion p6-2333ef, Pavilion p6-2335d, Pavilion p6-2337ef, Pavilion p6-2338d, Pavilion p6-2340ea, Pavilion p6-2340eg, Pavilion p6-2340ez, Pavilion p6-2340kr, Pavilion p6-2341eg, Pavilion p6-2341l, Pavilion p6-2342l, Pavilion p6-2343l, Pavilion p6-2346eg, Pavilion p6-2347eg, Pavilion p6-2350ed, Pavilion p6-2350ef, Pavilion p6-2350eg, Pavilion p6-2350eo, Pavilion p6-2350er, Pavilion p6-2350jp, Pavilion p6-2350kr, Pavilion p6-2350la, Pavilion p6-2352ef, Pavilion p6-2353er, Pavilion p6-2354er, Pavilion p6-2355eo, Pavilion p6-2355ez, Pavilion p6-2356er, Pavilion p6-2360eg, Pavilion p6-2360eo, Pavilion p6-2364ea, Pavilion p6-2364eg, Pavilion p6-2365eg, Pavilion p6-2367eg, Pavilion p6-2369eg, Pavilion p6-2370ea, Pavilion p6-2370ef, Pavilion p6-2370eg, Pavilion p6-2370jp, Pavilion p6-2370kr, Pavilion p6-2371ea, Pavilion p6-2371ef, Pavilion p6-2375eo, Pavilion p6-2378ef, Pavilion p6-2379ef, Pavilion p6-2380ea, Pavilion p6-2380ef, Pavilion p6-2387ea, Pavilion p6-2390, Pavilion p6-2390ef, Pavilion p6-2392ef, Pavilion p6-2393ef, Pavilion p6-2394ef, Pavilion p6-2394eg, Pavilion p6-2397eg, Pavilion p6-2408el, Pavilion p6-2408es, Pavilion p6-2419, Pavilion p6-2420l, Pavilion p6-2480ea, Pavilion Slimline s5-1414, Pavilion Slimline s5-1450d, Pavilion Slimline s5-1540, Pavilion Slimline s5-1554, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1300t (CTO), Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1315t (CTO), Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1320t (CTO), Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1330, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1335, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1340t (CTO), Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1350, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1351, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1355, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1386, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1387, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1390d, Phoenix Desktop ENVY h9-1421d, Phoenix Desktop Pavilion HPE h9-1120t (CTO), Phoenix Desktop Pavilion HPE h9-1210t (CTO), Phoenix Desktop Pavilion HPE h9-1260ez (CTO), Phoenix Desktop Pavilion HPE h9se Series, Point of Sale (POS) System rp5800, Presario CQ5806LA, Presario CQ5810, Presario CQ5814
Colour of productGreen
Technical details
Colour of productGreen
Chips organisationx8
Number of pins240
System requirements
Windows operating systems supportedYes
Mac operating systems supportedYes
Linux operating systems supportedYes
Weight & dimensions
Width133.3 mm
Other features
Chips organisationx8
Number of pins240
Manufacturer Kingston Technology
Sinch Search Cache KCP313ND88 KCP313ND8 KCP313ND KCP313N KCP313 KCP31 KCP3 KCP CP313ND88 CP313ND8 CP313ND CP313N CP313 CP31 CP3 P313ND88 P313ND8 P313ND P313N P313 P31 313ND88 313ND8 313ND 313N 313 13ND88 13ND8 13ND 13N 3ND88 3ND8 3ND ND88 ND8 D88 3429729 342972 34297 3429 342 429729 42972 4297 429 29729 2972 297 9729 972 729 3736831 373683 37368 3736 373 736831 73683 7368 736 36831 3683 368 6831 683 831 14YOKCP313ND88 14YOKCP313ND8 14YOKCP313ND 14YOKCP313N 14YOKCP313 14YOKCP31 14YOKCP3 14YOKCP 14YOKC 14YOK 14YO 14Y 4YOKCP313ND88 4YOKCP313ND8 4YOKCP313ND 4YOKCP313N 4YOKCP313 4YOKCP31 4YOKCP3 4YOKCP 4YOKC 4YOK 4YO YOKCP313ND88 YOKCP313ND8 YOKCP313ND YOKCP313N YOKCP313 YOKCP31 YOKCP3 YOKCP YOKC YOK OKCP313ND88 OKCP313ND8 OKCP313ND OKCP313N OKCP313 OKCP31 OKCP3 OKCP OKC KCP313ND88 KCP313ND8 KCP313ND KCP313N KCP313 KCP31 KCP3 KCP CP313ND88 CP313ND8 CP313ND CP313N CP313 CP31 CP3 P313ND88 P313ND8 P313ND P313N P313 P31 313ND88 313ND8 313ND 313N 313 13ND88 13ND8 13ND 13N 3ND88 3ND8 3ND ND88 ND8 D88 342B271 342B27 342B2 342B 342 42B271 42B27 42B2 42B 2B271 2B27 2B2 B271 B27 271 365868 36586 3658 365 65868 6586 658 5868 586 868 BSYOKTH9600B8G BSYOKTH9600B8 BSYOKTH9600B BSYOKTH9600 BSYOKTH960 BSYOKTH96 BSYOKTH9 BSYOKTH BSYOKT BSYOK BSYO BSY SYOKTH9600B8G SYOKTH9600B8 SYOKTH9600B SYOKTH9600 SYOKTH960 SYOKTH96 SYOKTH9 SYOKTH SYOKT SYOK SYO YOKTH9600B8G YOKTH9600B8 YOKTH9600B YOKTH9600 YOKTH960 YOKTH96 YOKTH9 YOKTH YOKT YOK OKTH9600B8G OKTH9600B8 OKTH9600B OKTH9600 OKTH960 OKTH96 OKTH9 OKTH OKT KTH9600B8G KTH9600B8 KTH9600B KTH9600 KTH960 KTH96 KTH9 KTH TH9600B8G TH9600B8 TH9600B TH9600 TH960 TH96 TH9 H9600B8G H9600B8 H9600B H9600 H960 H96 9600B8G 9600B8 9600B 9600 960 600B8G 600B8 600B 600 00B8G 00B8 00B 0B8G 0B8 B8G KKCP313ND88 KKCP313ND8 KKCP313ND KKCP313N KKCP313 KKCP31 KKCP3 KKCP KKC KCP313ND88 KCP313ND8 KCP313ND KCP313N KCP313 KCP31 KCP3 KCP CP313ND88 CP313ND8 CP313ND CP313N CP313 CP31 CP3 P313ND88 P313ND8 P313ND P313N P313 P31 313ND88 313ND8 313ND 313N 313 13ND88 13ND8 13ND 13N 3ND88 3ND8 3ND ND88 ND8 D88 Q572815 Q57281 Q5728 Q572 Q57 572815 57281 5728 572 72815 7281 728 2815 281 815 3429563 342956 34295 3429 342 429563 42956 4295 429 29563 2956 295 9563 956 563 KTH9600B8G KTH9600B8 KTH9600B KTH9600 KTH960 KTH96 KTH9 KTH TH9600B8G TH9600B8 TH9600B TH9600 TH960 TH96 TH9 H9600B8G H9600B8 H9600B H9600 H960 H96 9600B8G 9600B8 9600B 9600 960 600B8G 600B8 600B 600 00B8G 00B8 00B 0B8G 0B8 B8G Q552655 Q55265 Q5526 Q552 Q55 552655 55265 5526 552 52655 5265 526 2655 265 655 8DHB 8DH DHB D38G1333KTH9600B D38G1333KTH9600 D38G1333KTH960 D38G1333KTH96 D38G1333KTH9 D38G1333KTH D38G1333KT D38G1333K D38G1333 D38G133 D38G13 D38G1 D38G D38 38G1333KTH9600B 38G1333KTH9600 38G1333KTH960 38G1333KTH96 38G1333KTH9 38G1333KTH 38G1333KT 38G1333K 38G1333 38G133 38G13 38G1 38G 8G1333KTH9600B 8G1333KTH9600 8G1333KTH960 8G1333KTH96 8G1333KTH9 8G1333KTH 8G1333KT 8G1333K 8G1333 8G133 8G13 8G1 G1333KTH9600B G1333KTH9600 G1333KTH960 G1333KTH96 G1333KTH9 G1333KTH G1333KT G1333K G1333 G133 G13 1333KTH9600B 1333KTH9600 1333KTH960 1333KTH96 1333KTH9 1333KTH 1333KT 1333K 1333 133 333KTH9600B 333KTH9600 333KTH960 333KTH96 333KTH9 333KTH 333KT 333K 333 33KTH9600B 33KTH9600 33KTH960 33KTH96 33KTH9 33KTH 33KT 33K 3KTH9600B 3KTH9600 3KTH960 3KTH96 3KTH9 3KTH 3KT KTH9600B KTH9600 KTH960 KTH96 KTH9 KTH TH9600B TH9600 TH960 TH96 TH9 H9600B H9600 H960 H96 9600B 9600 960 600B 600 00B KTDXPS730B8G KTDXPS730B8 KTDXPS730B KTDXPS730 KTDXPS73 KTDXPS7 KTDXPS KTDXP KTDX KTD TDXPS730B8G TDXPS730B8 TDXPS730B TDXPS730 TDXPS73 TDXPS7 TDXPS TDXP TDX DXPS730B8G DXPS730B8 DXPS730B DXPS730 DXPS73 DXPS7 DXPS DXP XPS730B8G XPS730B8 XPS730B XPS730 XPS73 XPS7 XPS PS730B8G PS730B8 PS730B PS730 PS73 PS7 S730B8G S730B8 S730B S730 S73 730B8G 730B8 730B 730 30B8G 30B8 30B 0B8G 0B8 B8G 2521173 252117 25211 2521 252 521173 52117 5211 521 21173 2117 211 1173 117 173 C5CJ C5C 5CJ HAM002308 HAM00230 HAM0023 HAM002 HAM00 HAM0 HAM AM002308 AM00230 AM0023 AM002 AM00 AM0 M002308 M00230 M0023 M002 M00 002308 00230 0023 002 02308 0230 023 2308 230 308 Kingston Technology memory modules RAM Random Access Memory ROM DRAM SDRAM RDRAM DDR DDR2 EDO DDR2-SDRAM DDR-SDRAM FPM FBDIMM Boot Rom ValueRAM SODIMM JetRAM kit System Syste Syst Sys ystem yste yst stem ste tem Specific Specifi Specif Speci Spec Spe pecific pecifi pecif peci pec ecific ecifi ecif eci cific cifi cif ific ifi fic 8GB 1333MHz 1333MH 1333M 1333 133 333MHz 333MH 333M 333 33MHz 33MH 33M 3MHz 3MH MHz Module Modul Modu Mod odule odul odu dule dul ule 8GB 1333MHz 1333MH 1333M 1333 133 333MHz 333MH 333M 333 33MHz 33MH 33M 3MHz 3MH MHz module modul modu mod odule odul odu dule dul ule 0740617253658
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