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Seagate S-series Archive HDD v2 8TB

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8TB, 8.89 cm (3.5 ") , SATA3, 128MB Cache

SKU: ST8000AS0002

Manufacturer: Seagate

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Affordable Active Archive Hard Drives for Cloud Storage
Industry’s first high-capacity hard drive designed for cost-effectively storing active archive data and cloud content.
- High-density 8TB hard drives for petabytes of affordable and accessible long-term online storage
- Enables significant system-level TCO savings with best cost-per-TB
- Maximum storage efficiency with lowest watts-per-TB
- Reliable, low-power data retrieval based on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology
- RV-balanced for high density environments

Cost-Effective High Capacity 8TB Hard Drive
Lowest cost/TB online data archive solution for petabytes of growing archival storage helps to ensure affordable long-term data management.
SMR-enabled technology ensures efficient and economical cold storage operations even in the harshest data centre environments.

Energy-Efficient High-Density Cloud Hard Drive
The 3.5-inch Archive HDD is optimised for cold data storage with the lowest power consumption and the on-demand, time-to-ready PowerChoice feature.

Reliable Data Retrieval for Cold Data Storage
Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) options available for secure data storage and safe, fast and easy drive retirement.
Best fit applications:
- Online archiving
- Large data object storage
- Big data cold storage
- Cloud active archive
- Web-scale archiving

Special features:
- Seagate AcuTrac Technology
- In-Drive Diagnostics (IDD)
- Seagate PowerChoice Technology
- Deferred SATA Activation
- Timestamp
- SeaTools Diagnostic Software
- SMART Drive Monitoring and Reporting
- Hotplug Operation (per SATA Rev. 3.0 Specifications)
- Enterprise CS Phone Support
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Short Description 8TB, 8.89 cm (3.5 ") , SATA3, 128MB Cache
SKU ST8000AS0002
URL Key seagate-s-series-archive-hdd-v2-8tb
EAN 7636490056932
Hard drive
Hard drive sustained transfer rate190 MiB/s
Hard drive interface transfer rate6 Gbit/s
RoHS complianceYes
Hard drive interfaceSerial ATA III
Drive device, buffer size128 MB
Bytes per sector4096
Hard disk number of heads12
Mean time between failures (MTBF)800000 h
Start/stop cycles300000
Device typeHDD
Hard drive size3.5"
Hard drive capacity8000 GB
Power consumption (typical)5.5 W
Power consumption (standby)0.75 W
Power consumption (idle)3.5 W
Operational conditions
Operating temperature (T-T)0 - 60 °C
Storage temperature (T-T)-40 - 70 °C
Weight & dimensions
Width101.6 mm
Weight780 g
Height26.1 mm
Depth147 mm
Technical details
Mean time between failures (MTBF)800000 h
Device typeHDD
Other features
Device typeHDD
Manufacturer Seagate
Sinch Search Cache ST8000AS0002 T8000AS0002 8000AS0002 000AS0002 00AS0002 0AS0002 AS0002 S0002 0002 002 ST8000AS000 ST8000AS00 ST8000AS0 ST8000AS ST8000A ST8000 ST800 ST80 ST8 3193 193 319 B35T 35T B35 4305026 305026 05026 5026 026 430502 43050 4305 430 HD330SE D330SE 330SE 30SE 0SE HD330S HD330 HD33 HD3 SEST8000AS0002 EST8000AS0002 ST8000AS0002 T8000AS0002 8000AS0002 000AS0002 00AS0002 0AS0002 AS0002 S0002 0002 002 SEST8000AS000 SEST8000AS00 SEST8000AS0 SEST8000AS SEST8000A SEST8000 SEST800 SEST80 SEST8 SEST SES 92044 2044 044 9204 920 CS28546 S28546 28546 8546 546 CS2854 CS285 CS28 CS2 2331168 331168 31168 1168 168 233116 23311 2331 233 164093 64093 4093 093 16409 1640 164 70SGST8000AS000 0SGST8000AS000 SGST8000AS000 GST8000AS000 ST8000AS000 T8000AS000 8000AS000 000AS000 00AS000 0AS000 AS000 S000 000 70SGST8000AS00 70SGST8000AS0 70SGST8000AS 70SGST8000A 70SGST8000 70SGST800 70SGST80 70SGST8 70SGST 70SGS 70SG 70S 3380259 380259 80259 0259 259 338025 33802 3380 338 HAM010748 AM010748 M010748 010748 10748 0748 748 HAM01074 HAM0107 HAM010 HAM01 HAM0 HAM 2469459 469459 69459 9459 459 246945 24694 2469 246 HDSG045 DSG045 SG045 G045 045 HDSG04 HDSG0 HDSG HDS 103897 03897 3897 897 10389 1038 103 2471045 471045 71045 1045 045 247104 24710 2471 247 2753276 753276 53276 3276 276 275327 27532 2753 275 701019 01019 1019 019 70101 7010 701 HDDS8TBST8000AS0002 DDS8TBST8000AS0002 DS8TBST8000AS0002 S8TBST8000AS0002 8TBST8000AS0002 TBST8000AS0002 BST8000AS0002 ST8000AS0002 T8000AS0002 8000AS0002 000AS0002 00AS0002 0AS0002 AS0002 S0002 0002 002 HDDS8TBST8000AS000 HDDS8TBST8000AS00 HDDS8TBST8000AS0 HDDS8TBST8000AS HDDS8TBST8000A HDDS8TBST8000 HDDS8TBST800 HDDS8TBST80 HDDS8TBST8 HDDS8TBST HDDS8TBS HDDS8TB HDDS8T HDDS8 HDDS HDD SE3124 E3124 3124 124 SE312 SE31 SE3 Seagate internal hard drives disk disks drive external harddisk harddisks Sseries Archive HDD v2 8TB series eries ries ies Sserie Sseri Sser Sse rchive chive hive ive Archiv Archi Arch Arc 7636490056932
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