APC InfraStruXure Operations 10 Rack License

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InfraStruXure Operations 10 Rack License
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SKU AP90010
EAN 0731304281214
Software typeAdd-on
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Software typeAdd-on
Manufacturer APC
Short Description InfraStruXure Operations 10 Rack License
Description Instant overview of data center operations through inventory management, PUE calculator, real-time device alarms, and location-based drill-down. Standard Lead Time: Usually in Stock. Availability - Inventory management Shows device data within the physical layout for instant access to device details and asset attributes, and overview of data center operations. - Alarms within physical layout Provides real-time device failures within floor layout and rack front view for status of data center operations. - PUE calculator Provides Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value for information on daily utilization of energy. - Mobile data center operations Integrates with InfraStruXure Mobile for access to the InfraStruXure Operations application on the go via the Motorola (Symbol) MC70 handheld PDA. - Inventory report Includes structured information on all rack-mount devices, organized by device type, age, manufacturer and properties for quick overview of all current devices within a data center. Convenience - Recommended Actions Providing descriptions of problems together with recommended actions reduces the need of training, eases deployment and speeds troubleshooting. Manageability - Customizable view Provides location-based drill-down for a logical model of the data center, where data center rooms can be organized under regions, countries, campus, sites, buildings and rooms. - Virtual store room Keep track of new devices from arrival on site in the virtual store room, as best practices recommend. - Floor layout view View an accurate representation of your data center through the easy-to-use graphical floor layout and birds eye view. - Rack front view Detailed rack front view provides an accurate graphical representation of equipment and its location in the rack. - Equipment browser Quickly locate equipment based on vendor name, model and type, and export equipment data to excel format. - Device catalog Utilize the extensive library of physical infrastructure and IT devices from leading vendors. - Custom devices Quickly customize catalog devices to your specifications in just 2 clicks, amending custom properties such as power requirements and MAC address etc. - Free text search Quickly locate devices and alerts through the free search field. - Generic UPS support Allows for modeling data from any UPS vendor, providing support for existing data center environments. - Application scalability Supports up to 1,000 racks and 50,000 IT assets, including 30 associated custom properties per asset. Agility - Model any data center Capable of modeling data centers and rooms with rows in any direction. - Common data model Ensure mature and syncronized data throughout the entire data center life cycle. - Electrical room support Monitor capacity and plan changes for centralized power equipment in areas outside of the main data center floor plan. - Optional deployment services Ensure speedy deployment through the use of APC Professional Services. - Localization User interface available in major local languages. - Integrates with InfraStruXure Management applications Achieve integrated energy efficiency, predictive planning and real-time data center operations through the add-on InfraStruXure Management applications; InfraStruXure Operations, InfraStruXure Capacity, InfraStruXure Change, InfraStruXure Energy Efficiency, InfraStruXure Energy Cost & InfraStruXure Mobile. Protection - User roles Enable different levels of access through multi-user login and pre-defined user roles. - Multi-user access Enables several users to carry out work on the application simultaneously. - Password Security User-selectable password protection prevents unauthorized access. - Read-only Access Share access without risking unauthorized configuration changes.
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