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wrist rests

To prevent Repetited Strain Injury (RSI), a painful, numb feeling in your arm(s), wrist(s) and/or hands(s) during and after working with a computer for a prolonged period of time, it is important to have an ergonomical posture while working. A wrist rest for use with your mouse prevents flexion of the wrist, thus reducing the risk of getting a so called 'mouse wrist', RSI in the wrist. A wrist rest for use with a keyboard is not intended for resting your wrist on while working. Use it only for during breaks, to prevent your wrists from unncessary strain.

  1. 3M 70071081056 wrist rest Gel Black

    16 Available

    Ex.Vat: €20.66 Inc.Vat: €25.41

  2. 3M FT600003287 wrist rest Leatherette Black,Silver

    3 Available

    Ex.Vat: €29.04 Inc.Vat: €35.72

  3. 3M Gel Platform wrist rest Grey

    2 Available

    Ex.Vat: €53.62 Inc.Vat: €65.95

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