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There are plenty of important questions you should ask yourself before you buy a monitor, but the most important is, what are you planning to use it for? Are you looking for a basic window on to e-mail and the Web? How important are ergonomic options to you? What about the onscreen display (OSD) settings? How detailed should they be? What about size? How much screen real estate do you require? Are you planning to run concurrent programs? What about connections? What type does your computer support?

  1. HP Z27n G2 LED display 68.6 cm (27") Quad HD Flat Silver

    3 Available

    Ex.Vat: €494.42 Inc.Vat: €608.14

  2. HP EliteDisplay E243p LED display 60.5 cm (23.8") Full HD Flat Black,Silver

    39 Available

    Ex.Vat: €500.34 Inc.Vat: €615.42

  3. Lenovo ThinkVision P27u LED display 68.6 cm (27") 4K Ultra HD Flat Black

    16 Available

    Ex.Vat: €506.01 Inc.Vat: €622.39

  4. HP EliteDisplay S270n LED display 68.6 cm (27") 4K Ultra HD Flat Black,Silver

    40 Available

    Ex.Vat: €506.54 Inc.Vat: €623.04

  5. ASUS PB328Q computer monitor 81.3 cm (32") Wide Quad HD Flat Matt Black

    4 Available

    Ex.Vat: €508.82 Inc.Vat: €625.85

  6. LG 27UL850-W computer monitor 68.6 cm (27") 4K Ultra HD LED Flat Matt Silver

    350 Available

    Ex.Vat: €510.34 Inc.Vat: €627.72

  7. LG 27UK850-W LED display 68.6 cm (27") 4K Ultra HD Flat Black,White

    2 Available

    Ex.Vat: €511.62 Inc.Vat: €629.29

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