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mobile phones

A mobile phone, also known as a cellphone, mobile, or handphone, is an electronic telecommunications device with the same basic capability as a conventional fixed line telephone, but which is also entirely portable and is not required to be connected with a wire to the telephone network. With most modern cellphones you can do a lot more than just making phonecalls: with most models you can send an SMS or e-mail, surf the internet, play games, save phone numbers so you'll never have to write down or memorize them again and much, much more.

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  1. Griffin GC40179-2 mobile phone cable White USB A Apple 30-pin 0.9 m

    46 Available

    Ex.Vat: €8.56 Inc.Vat: €10.53

  2. Belkin ChargeSync 1.2m mobile phone cable Black USB A Apple 30-pin

    18 Available

    Ex.Vat: €12.60 Inc.Vat: €15.50

  3. Griffin GP-066-BLK mobile phone cable Black USB A Lightning 1.2 m

    72 Available

    Ex.Vat: €17.26 Inc.Vat: €21.23

  4. Belkin F2CU005BT3MBK mobile phone cable Black USB A Apple 30-pin 3 m

    8 Available

    Ex.Vat: €19.41 Inc.Vat: €23.87

  5. Nokia 130 4.57 cm (1.8") Black Feature phone

    36 Available

    Ex.Vat: €25.96 Inc.Vat: €31.93

  6. 2-Power A87UF mobile phone cable

    20 Available

    Ex.Vat: €30.58 Inc.Vat: €37.61

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